Soil Sample Analysis

Healthy trees and shrubs require a soil environment with adequate chemical, biological, and physical properties. Productive soils contain the proper balance of necessary nutrients, biological organisms, and soil pore spaces. For example, soils deficient in an essential element such as Manganese may cause visual symptoms of stress in trees including yellow, undersized leaves. Soil lacking an assortment of beneficial fungi, bacteria, and other micro-organisms is often compacted and lacks adequate structure and space for proper root growth and moisture retention.

In order to provide better care for our clients’ trees, we provide complete soil sample analysis. Soil analysis determines nutrient content, soil pH, nutrient exchange capacity, and organic matter content. We provide this information by itself or as a first step towards developing prescription tree and shrub fertilization programs or soil management programs. Soil analysis includes professional sample collection, quick turnaround (less than two weeks), and accurate interpretation. Soil analysis reports are provided to our clients along with our recommendations. View an example soil sample report (PDF file).

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