Tree Fertilization

The urban environment is rough on our trees. Trees in the forest benefit from biologically rich, undisturbed, well-aerated, organic soils; urban trees, in contrast, are often competing with grass and fighting to survive in disturbed, compacted, nutrient-deficient soils.

Furthermore, while trees in the forest have adapted to survive in their native environments, we often plant our trees for aesthetic reasons without considering their specific requirements for good health. These are some of the reasons why many of our trees and shrubs need fertilization to grow well.

Our sub-surface fertilization provides your trees and shrubs with the necessary elements to function and grow. Based on visible nutrient deficiencies and/or soil analysis results, we apply our fertilizer 6-8″ below grade in a pressurized liquid formula to overcome these nutrient deficiencies, increase growth, flowering, and fruiting, or maintain good vitality.

As the leading experts in tree care for Ann Arbor, MI, you can trust Guardian Tree Experts to give your trees what they need to thrive!

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