Tree Protection for Construction

handdrawn diagram of tree protection
International Society of Arboriculture, E. Thomas Smiley, A. William Graham Jr, and Scott Cullen

Contrary to popular belief, a tree’s root system is not a mirror image of the tree’s crown.

In fact, most roots exist within the top 6-12″ of soil and extend well beyond the dripline. Understanding this fact is the basis for protecting a tree that will be exposed to new construction.Without proper planning, construction can be extremely damaging to trees.

A tree that has been healthy for over a hundred years can be damaged beyond repair in a matter of hours. Most of this damage is caused by heavy equipment and activities that are too close to the tree’s root system. Compaction of the soil, grade changes, sudden exposure, physical injury, and degradation of soil fertility are just some of the negative impacts of construction.

Please call us today if you are considering an addition to your property. At Guardian Tree Experts, we save trees. Our arborists can meet with you to discuss your project plans and recommend strategies and services to minimize damage to your surrounding trees. With proper protection, we can ensure that the enjoyment you receive from your new addition will not be ruined by a loss of your most valuable landscape investments... your trees.

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