Root Care & Soil Management

When a tree or shrub is in decline, quite often the problems are below ground. With the use of an air-spade and compressed air, we can safely excavate in a matter of minutes and uncover the hidden issues affecting a tree’s decline.

Root Care

This technique enables us to locate and address girdling, diseased, and damaged roots with precision and efficiency. Girdling roots that are depriving the tree of nutrients can be severed, and diseased and damaged roots can be pruned.

Soil Management

We also use this tool to improve the growing conditions of your trees by aerating the existing soil and introducing organic matter, mycorrhizae (fungi that work with roots to increase nutrient and water absorption), and pH changing elements so that we can achieve the optimal growing conditions for each individual tree.

A tree is only as good as the soil it is growing in, and our soil management programs can help to apply the benefits of forest soils to the urban landscape.

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