Arborists Who Care

Our formula is simple.

Recruit and retain smart, interesting people who have positive attitudes, enjoy challenges, and care about tree and plant health. Invest in their training, education, and growth. Give them the tools and equipment necessary to perform their work safely with surgical precision. Listen carefully to our clients and present proposals that address their unique concerns. Deliver consistent service with a goal of exceeding expectations and forming long-term relationships.

Make work fun and rewarding!

Care for Your Trees

Plant Health Care Services

Learn about the treatments we provide to maintain the health & safety of your trees.

Our Process

Consult with one of our arborists so you can move forward with confidence.

Customer Reviews

"The whole team was great from start to finish."

Andrew S.

"They carefully cleaned up all the areas that they worked in and completed all work within a day."

Michael D.

"The guys seem really to know and love trees, so that you feel you can trust them to do a great job. And they did!"

Christine S.

"These guys were fast, efficient, and they cleaned up everything! They are extremely knowledgeable and respectful of trees and the environment, and they did a great job. Good guys at the right price."

Ben H.

"If you need some major tree pruning services, these guys are an excellent choice. They are competitive, efficient, professional, and very courteous."

Michael M.

"I just wanted to say thank you again for locating and planting such gorgeous trees! So many neighbors have stopped by to comment on how great they look. I always mention Guardian Tree and most of them are already working with your company. I check the trees daily and they are doing well."

Leigh Ann B.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the business!