Mulching & Watering

Proper mulching and watering are instrumental in maintaining good tree health. Since it is far easier to maintain a tree’s health than it is to reverse its decline, these services are of the utmost importance.


When properly applied, mulch can offer the following benefits to trees: temperature regulation, moisture retention, nutrient recycling, avoidance of physical injury, aeration, and a reduction in competition by turf grass. The woodchips we create as a result of our services are ideal as mulches, and we’d be happy to leave you some upon completion of your work.


Insufficient water is often the starting point of a tree’s decline. Moisture is a key component in photosynthesis, yet it is easy to overlook the need to water trees. During the summer months, it is imperative that a tree’s roots receive at least 1-2 inches of water a week. The amount for each tree depends on several factors. We realize that this can be a time-consuming and vague process, and that is why we offer water management as one of our plant health care services. We can either install a measuring gauge that will allow you to water effectively, or we can take care of the watering ourselves if you’d like.

The tree looks fantastic. I couldn’t be happier! — Daniela B.