Tree Monitoring Programs

Guardian’s PHC (Plant Health Care) monitoring program utilizes many of our plant health care services in order to protect your trees and shrubs all season long. This program is popular because for one flat fee you can ensure the beauty and health of your prominent trees and shrubs for an entire season. Instead of showing up once to treat only one particular problem, we will schedule visits throughout the season to “monitor” (and treat when necessary) all the trees and shrubs on the property. This program has three steps consultation, service, and evaluation.


The program begins with a consultation from one of our arborists. We will work together with you to develop a list of the “key” trees and shrubs on your property, as well as any observed or predicted problems associated with these trees and shrubs. Your arborist will then present you with a comprehensive program for season-long care. Your program will be based on a proposed number of visits to your property throughout the season to monitor and treat potential problems effectively. If you are happy with the proposed management plan, then we will set up estimated dates for our monitoring visits. If you would like to change the scope of the program, we will rework the plan to suit your needs.


Once you have signed up to be part of the Guardian monitoring program, we take care of the rest of the work. You can relax and enjoy your landscape knowing that we will be there throughout the season to monitor and treat your “key” trees and shrubs. You will receive detailed reports after each visit that will let you know what we looked at, what we found, and what we treated, as well as recommendations for how you can help us to be effective in our care.


As the season comes to a close, your designated arborist will get back in touch with you to evaluate how the program worked. At this time, you can choose to renew the program for the following season, or we can tailor the program to address changes in the landscape or recommendations for better treatments.

The tree looks fantastic. I couldn’t be happier! — Daniela B.