Plant Health Care Ann Arbor MI

Plant health care is an ongoing process to keep your property thriving. Learn about the treatments we provide to improve and maintain the health and safety of your trees and plants.

Soil Sample Analysis

Healthy soil is the first step towards better care. How does yours measure up?


Our fertilization provides your trees and shrubs with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Insect & Disease Management

We'll identify any pest or disease problems and work with you for proper treatment.

Root Care & Soil Management

Problems below ground account for the majority of tree problems.

Mulching & Watering

Proper mulching and watering are instrumental in maintaining good tree health.

Monitoring Programs

We can stop by your property throughout the growing season to catch any emerging problems and evaluate treatments.

Generous with his time. Walked the entire property to listen to our concerns. — Karen W.