Our Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

Fueled by a passion for trees and an interest in their care, we provide safe and effective services which enable us to enhance and protect the beauty, health, and stability of our clients’ trees, shrubs, and properties. In performing these services, our goal is to create memorable experiences and long-term relationships with our clients.

We do what we do because we love trees.

Core Values

Guardian’s unique offering is based upon the following core values:

  • Safe work practices
  • Scientific analysis & prescription tree care
  • Progressive techniques, products & tools
  • Sound plant health care practices
  • Proper pruning
  • Soil management and root care
  • Low-impact, less-invasive work practices
  • Exceptional client care & accountability
  • Employee development & growth
  • Community education & involvement
  • Creating memorable experiences
Jack is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, careful & thorough. — Karen M.