Tree Inventory

Tree inventories are especially helpful when there is a desire to care for a large number of trees over a long period of time. Using GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, we can map the location of your trees, record relevant images, data and recommendations, and share these maps online with you or your organization.  These maps are searchable in multiple ways which helps with budgeting for and prioritizing services.

The image to the right is an example of a master aerial map for a property.  Clicking on the icons in a live map will pull up all the information gathered in the field for those particular trees as well as images of the trees.  We can then sort the data in a number of different ways (by service, by priority, by species, by size, etc.) and export it in a way that will help you prioritize work and draft budgets for upcoming years.

Jack is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, careful & thorough. — Karen M.